at what time can I arrive at site?
it is advisable to arrive during office hours (10 – 13 15 – 20). After office hours, please contact us by phone. Please inform us if you need electrical connection.

can I get to the camping in any season?
camping is open all the year, access road is clean and in winter it is snow plowed: please take care of icy conditions, in particular if driving a camper or trailing a caravan.
Take care also of the narrow road when encountering another vehicle.

are debit cards and credit cards accepted?
debit cards and credit cards are accepted for camping fees and gas cylinders. Credit cards are accepted also at the bar and at the restaurant

shall I have to book?
booking is required only during high season (second half of july – first half of august, Christmas holidays): in winter due to snow, number of places is small, so call in advance by phone or e-mail.

can you acess campingsite at any time with the car or the camper?
no, the main gate of the camping is closed between 23 and 7: the access bar with the vehicles to the pitches is open from 7 to 13 and from 16 to 20 in the summer and from 8 to 20 in the winter.

is parking free?
yes, car and motorbike parking is free: no vehicle can access to pitches, after caravan unhook, vehicles must be parked in the main parking area at campsite entrance. Each crew is entitled to one parking space in the camp, other cars have to be parked outside the campsite.

at what time can I call?
you can call the campsite from 8 to 23.

what are the working hours of the bar?
the bar is open from 8 to 23 (closed on Mondays)

do you have a restaurant?
The restaurant is open from friday night to Sunday night: during holidays (Carnival Easter) or in summer, the restaurant will open all days.

do you have a shop?
yes, there is a minimarket where you can find the main goods.

do you have an Internet connection?
yes, inside the cafe you can join the wireless network free of charge.

do we have to pay for showers?
Hot water is free, but shower are coin operated: you must buy coins in the office.

do you have washing machines?
yes, we have two industrial washing machine and one drying machine.Both are coin operated.

what is the check-out time?
The pitch must be free by 13.00

are dogs allowed?
Dogs are allowed within the law, in particular you must have a leash no longer than 1.5 meters, and a muzzle to use when necessary: obviously the dogs must be accompanied outside the campsite for physiological needs.

how far is the village??
five minutes by walk and you are in Extrepieraz: you will find two grocery stores, one restaurant and a cafe.

how far is Brusson?
Brusson is 4 km south of the camping, in summer there is a path in the woods (in winter you can use cross-country skis.
There is a bus connecting the camping to Brusson.You can find different shops, a pharmacy. Catholic church is in Brusson

how far is Champoluc?
Champoluc (that is part of Ayas municipality) is 8 km north of the camping. A bus is connecting Extrepieraz to Champoluc. During ski season, there is ski-bus.

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